ALN Act 2018 – what next?

On the 24th January 2018, the Additional Learning Needs and Educational (Tribunal) Act Wales 2018 received Royal Assent. Ambitious in its scope, it creates a new legislative framework which will be supported by a new ALN Code of Practice and subordinate legislation.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams AM called the passing of the legislation ‘an historic day for education in Wales’. So, what are the headline changes and what is the timeline for implementation?

The Changes

Terminlogy the Act is deisgned to change. Picture of an older man and a younger man laughing.slide 2slide 3slide 4slide 5slide 6slide 7slide 8slide 9slide 10The Implementation

Personally, the announcement of a clear timeline is welcome, albeit a challenging one. It is impertiave that schools and colleges start to plan for 2020.  If we look to England, the implementation of EHCPs under The Children and Families Act 2014, is still nowhere near complete. You can read Matt Kerr’s (@CaptainK77) excellent article for Special Needs Jungle here on the subject.

Zombie Statements: Councils to miss legal EHCP transfer deadline for thousands of children

The latest iteration of the Code of Practice in Autumn 2018 will be a key document for any practitioner and it is vital that feedback on the consultation is given. If the legisaltion is the skeleton, the code is the muscle giving the Act life.


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