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Deus Ex Machina? – Artificial Intelligence and Learner Analytics in Education

Machines, algorithms, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine thinking. There isn’t a day, perhaps, even a hour where our world (the one you create) doesn’t interact with a piece of technology. Have a look around you, what do you see? Connected heating controls, Bluetooth kettles, voice controlled speakers, a mobile phone so powerful that it has […]

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‘Solve for One, Extend to Many’ – Let’s #hackcess education for ALN/SEND

Anything that can help improve equity of access is really important to me and my team. One of my lecturers on my PGCE would always challenge us by saying ‘you can’t do it, YET’, if things were a bit tough. Her words have stuck with me ever since. One area where I see huge potential […]

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ALN Act 2018 – what next?

ALN Act 2018 – Changes and Implementation

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